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Arlington, VA Menu


bavarian pretzel

add house-made beer cheese


flour tortilla | green peppers | sautéed onions | cheddar | pepper jack cheese
add chicken* | add steak* | add pulled pork*

avocado wedges

fried avocado wedges • spicy ranch dip

pickle chips

breaded & fried | crafthouse dipping sauce

traditional wings / boneless wings

buffalo | crafthouse dry rub | lemon pepper dry rub | cajun | hot-honey bbq | after-burner | sriracha honey | teriyaki | served with celery | bleu cheese | spicy bleu cheese or ranch

crafthouse tots

tater tots | beer cheese | jalapeños | bacon | scallions | sour cream

crafthouse nachos

tortilla chips | beer cheese | jalapeños | cilantro | sour cream | chili | tomatoes
add chicken 1.00

mozzarella sticks

golden brown and served with marinara sauce

golden shrimp

quinoa-battered & fried | tossed in our sriracha lime aioli

crafthouse tacos

flour tortillas | pico | iceberg lettuce | avocado | cilantro | feta cheese

quinoa-battered shrimp | sriracha lime aioli
crispy chicken | crafthouse ranch
steak* | sriracha lime aioli
ahi tuna* | ginger soy sauce


add grilled chicken | steak* | salmon* 

caesar salad

romaine | croutons | parmesan cheese | caesar dressing

crafthouse salad (gf)

romaine | craisins| feta cheese | sliced granny smith apples | grilled chicken | choice of dressing

steak salad* (gf)

mixed greens | steak | feta cheese | tomatoes | carrots | red onions | italian dressing
regular | full 

greek salad (gf)

iceberg | tomatoes | cucumbers | onions | feta cheese | olives | greek dressing

cobb salad (gf)

iceberg | hard-boiled egg | bacon | mozzarella cheese | tomatoes | avocado


bleu cheese | ranch | honey mustard | greek | thousand island | italian | oil & vinegar | balsamic vinaigrette


served with coleslaw, fries, tots or veggies | sweet potato fries | side caesar salad or house salad

crafthouse burger*

short rib beef patty | bacon | crunchy peanut butter | fried egg | cheddar cheese | thousand island dressing

cowboy burger*

beef patty | brisket | pepper jack cheese | hot honey bbq | fried onion straws | sautéed onions

patty melt*

beef patty | sautéed onions | swiss cheese | sour dough bread

buffalo chicken wrap

fried chicken | lettuce | tomatoes | ranch | buffalo sauce | sun-dried tomato tortilla

pesto chicken sandwich*

grilled chicken breast | tomato | mozzarella | romaine | basil pesto

turkey club

turkey breast | bacon | lettuce | tomato | mayo | sour dough bread

black bean burger* (v)

black bean patty | avocado | lettuce | tomato


by starting off with our classic burger and choose your additional toppings

cheddar | feta | bleu | pepper jack | mozzarella | swiss cheese

chunky peanut butter | sautéed onions | jalapeños 
bacon | fried egg | avocado | jalapeño bacon 
ahi tuna* 

fiesta burger*

beef patty | guacamole | lettuce | pico de gallo | tortilla chips | jalapeño bacon | pepper jack cheese | fiesta sauce

jalapeno burger*

beef patty | jalapeño bacon | pepper jack cheese | jalapeños

southwest burger wrap*

chopped beef patty | bacon | pepper jack cheese | sautéed onions | peppers | jalapeños | hot-honey bbq | spicy brown mustard | sun-dried tomato tortilla

crafthouse chicken sandwich

grilled chicken breast | bacon | swiss cheese | lettuce • tomato | chipotle mayo

philly cheesesteak

grilled steak • mozzarella cheese • onions & peppers• white hoagie bun

california dreamin' beyond burger (v)

all plant-based veggie patty (no soy) | avocado | lettuce | thousand island dressing

classic burger*

beef patty | lettuce | tomato


oven roasted half chicken

oven roasted & seasoned chicken | cilantro rice | steamed & seasoned veggies

chimichurri steak

tres-major steak topped with chimichurri sauce • steamed & seasoned veggies • fries

atlantic salmon* (gf)

blackened or lightly seasoned with salt & pepper | roasted red potatoes | steamed & seasoned veggies


spicy sausage & pepperoni

chorizo | pepperoni | mozzarella | marinara

hot honey bbq chicken*

grilled chicken | sautéed onions | peppers | bacon | mozzarella | hot honey bbq sauce


diced tomato | mozzarella | balsamic glaze | basil pesto


served with coleslaw, fries, tots | sweet potato fries |side caesar salad or house salad

washington grilled cheese

sour dough bread | turkey | cheddar | sliced granny smith apple | bacon | avocado | cilantro | basil

chicken pesto

sour dough bread | chicken breast | pesto | mozzarella

buffalo chicken grilled cheese

sour dough bread | checken breast | buffalo sauce | drizzle of ranch | mozzarella

bacon cheddar grilled cheese

sour dough bread | cheddar | bacon

caprese grilled cheese

sour dough bread | mozzarella | tomato basil | balsamic glaze

brisket grilled cheese

sour dough bread | pepper jack cheese

jalapeno bacon grilled cheese

sour dough bread | smoked jalapeno bacon | pepper jack cheese


hot chocolate chip cookie

served à la mode

kamikaze brownie

super-sized warm brownie • vanilla ice cream • covered with chunks of Oreo cookies • whipped cream • chocolate syrup

Crafthouse Bowls

topped with shredded carrots • broccoli • fresh avocado • red cabbage • green peppers served with a side of gluten free soy sauce

grilled salmon bowl

served with gluten free ginger soy dressing

grilled steak bowl

marinated steak served with teriyaki sauce

quinoa- battered shrimp bowl

served with sriracha-lime aioli

ahi tuna bowl

tuna tossed in our hawaiian sauce served with teriyaki sauce

chicken teriyaki bowl

grilled chicken served with teriyaki sauce

veggie bowl

fried avocado | shredded carrots | broccoli | red cabbage | green peppers | served with a side of gluten free soy sauce

Kids Menu

ages 10 & under

half cheese flatbread

classic grilled cheese

chicken nuggets

Arlington, VA Brunch Menu


Saturday & Sunday Brunch Served 11am-2pm


ask your server about our $2 refill special pricing


ask your server about our  $2 refill special pricing

Arlington, VA Wine Menu


6 oz • 9 oz • bottle

love noir pinot noir

california 10.00 • 15.00 • 37.00

flavors of dark cherry and rich espresso lead to a balanced finish with soft hints of mocha and toasted oak

tom gore cabernet sauvignon

california 8.00 • 12.00 • 30.00

generous fruity wine with candied fruit aromas with blackberry nuance on the finish

trinity oaks merlot

california 7.00 • 10.00 • 26.00

bright red cherry and sweet black plums with notes of spice, tea, and vanilla.

trapiche malbec

argentina 10.00 • 15.00 • 37.00

flavors of dark cherry and rich espresso lead to a balanced finish with soft hints of mocha and toasted oak

14 hands run wild blend

washington 8.00 • 12.00 • 30.00

vibrant blend of red grapes with flavors of blueberries, black currants & black raspberries

williamsburg cabernet sauvgnon

california 8.00 • 12.00 • 30.00

flavors of berries, cherries, cranberry, apple with a hint vanilla, cinnamon & black pepper.


6 oz • 9 oz • bottle

benvolio pinot grigio


crisp acidity acts as a counterpoint to the peach, almond, and light floral notes in the wine

13 celsius marlborough sauvignon blanc

new zealand 

vibrant aromatics of citrus, lychee, sweet herbs and a crisp minerality

d'orsay rose


flavors of stone fruit, strawberry, and apricot round out the palate and notes of honeysuckle linger on the nose.

governor's riesling


a semi dry with a lot of bright fruit and multiple layers

maschio prosecco


light straw yellow with lively bubbles. Fruit forward, with peach and almond flavors.

benziger sauvignon blan


beautiful citrus and apple flavors are followed closely by delicious minerality. 

chloe chardonnay


ripe, clean flavors of fresh citrus, apple and pear, with notes of creamy butter and a hint of vanilla. 

rosatello moscato


aromas of citrus with a touch of mint with flavors of juicy peaches and candied orange

trinity oaks chardonnay

aromas with citrus and pineapple flavors, with a top note of sweet oak

Arlington, VA Bourbon & Whiskey


bulleit rye

4 yr 90 proof

proof rich oaky aromas, taste of vanilla, honey, and spice. finish is crisp and clean, with long, lingering flavors.

knob creek rye

9 yrs 100 proof

bold spiciness meets smooth oak & vanilla with notes of herbs & rye.

filibuster rye (VA)

6 yrs 92 proof

soft feel and honeyed fruit notes spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg


bulleit bourbon

6 yrs 90 proof

sweet oak aromas, tones of maple, oak, and nutmeg. Finish is long, dry, and satiny with a light toffee flavor

maker's mark

90 proof

aroma grain & cherry syrup, tastes of sweetness, oaky with loads of vanilla and dried coconut

jim beam

4 yrs 80 proof

flavor and the aroma are remarkably similar with notes of vanilla, citrus zest and red licorice


basil hayden

8 yrs 80 proof

tastes of mild butterscotch & then you get mostly lemon zest, vanilla, and a very mild rye spice.

woodford reserve

>4yrs 92 proof

taste of complex citrus, cinnamon , cocoa, toffee, caramel, chocolate and spice notes abound.

knob creek

9 yrs 100 proof

a sweet maple syrup tastes well as notes of roasted sunflower seeds and tannin from the oak barrels.


filibuster bourbon (VA)

4-6 yrs 90 proof

aromas of apricots and butterscotch. Taste of floral accents, honey & rounded stone-fruit notes


john j. bowman bourbon (VA)

10 yrs 100 proof

aroma of marmalade and soft biscuits with notes of toffee, leather, figs and almonds. apples and pears 


jack daniel's no.7

80 proof

mellowed drop by drop through 10 ft of sugar maple charcoal then matured in handcrafted barrels with a balance of sweet and oaky flavor



4 yrs 80 proof

aroma of Pear and ripe apple with a bit of hops and clove , with a flavor of marzipan & hops with cocoa & oak


crown royal

80 proof

aroma of slight vanilla & fruit. Tastes creamy with hints of oak and the sweet flavor of vanilla.

bourbon mash

filibuster boondoggler (va)

90 proof

aromas of dried raisins & currant, cherry caramel vanilla & warm toast. Taste of grain spice, cereal & baking chocolate

Arlington, VA Drink Menu


crafthouse long island

ketel one • tanqueray • captain morgan white rum • grand marnier • 1800 tequila • sour • coke

crafthouse margarita

don julio blanco• patron citronge • agave • lime • orange

virginia manhattan

filibuster boondoggler (va) • bitters • sweet vermouth • cherry

peach sangria

brandy • moscato • pineapple juice • soda • peach syrup

tropical sangria

brandy • merlot • orange juice • pineapple juice • raspberry syrup

bailey’s peppermint martini

baileys • vodka • peppermint liqueur

virginia old fashioned

filibuster boondoggler (va) • orange bitters  • orange peel

virginia gimlet

catoctin creek watershed gin • st. germain
 bitters • lime juice

cranberry orange ginger smash

bulleit bourbon • triple sec • cranberry • orange juice • ginger beer

southern peach tea

deep eddy peach • elijah craig • peach schnapps • tea

chocolate martini

chocolate godiva • vanilla vodka • crème de cacao •chocolate drizzle


winter mule

ketel one • grand marnier •cranberry juice peppermint schnapps • ginger beer

crafthouse moscow mule

ketel one • owen’s ginger + lime

crafthouse irish mule

jameson • owen’s ginger + lime • mint

old fashion rye mule

knob creek rye whiskey • bitters • ginger beer • lime

grandberry mule

ketel one • grand mariner cranberry juice • owen’s ginger + lime

Craft Your own Mule

your choice of liquor • ginger beer • lime


ardbeg uigeadail

10 yr 108 proof rich and weighty with heady and smoky aromatics. at full strength, the initial aroma is a beguiling mix of warm Christmas cake and walnut oil fused with fresh ocean spice, cedar and pine needles, followed by a smoky coal fire and a deep scent of well-oiled leather. The sweetness of treacle toffee and chocolate-coated raisins bring indulgence through the smoke

glenlivet 12 yr

12 yr 80 proof On the nose you might pick up summer-like fragrances and tropical fruits. These fruits are also evident on the palate as well as a well-balanced floral smoothness, followed by a creamy finish with nutty hints of marzipan and fresh hazelnuts.

johnnie walker black

12 yr 80 proof complex and incredibly well-balanced, full of dark fruits, sweet vanilla and signature smokiness. Blended exclusively from whiskies matured for at least 12 years, it brings together flavors from the four corners of Scotland to create an experience that is complex, deep and rewarding. Johnnie Walker Black Label rolls decadently over the tongue, releasing intense sweet vanillas that give way to orange zest and aromas of spice and raisins. The finish is unbelievably smooth and layered with rich smoke, peat and malt.

lagavulin single malt

16 yr 86 proof mouthful of malt and sherry with fruity sweetness, peat and oak, with a finish of a long, spicy finish, figs, dates, peat smoke & vanilla


14 yr  86 proof

sweet aromas of toffee and sticky pudding greet the nose. THeres smoke, but subtle. Initial entry of buttercream frosting followed by tinned fruit cocktail pineapple and orange and lychee with caramelized element.


12 yr  80 proof

notes of green apple, pie crust, saw dust, limestone, dried Riesling, milk chocolate. Taste of Apple cobbler, orchard fruits, artificial vanilla extract, caramel, bitter oak, cinnamon and English breakfast tea

glenmorangie original

10 yr 96 proof maturing for ten long years in a range of ex-bourbon american white oak casks a perfect balance between sweetness and complexity. This gives the scent of citrus and reopening peaches and is softened by the aroma of vanilla. The first taste is of vanilla on the tongue before it ripples along the palate brining a burst of flowery fruitiness. About a minute after tasting, your left with a clean aftertaste with hints of orange and peach.

johnnie walker blue

80 proof 

incomparably rich and smoky, with velvety smooth breaking waves of powerful flavor.

macallan double cask

12 yr 86 proof

aroma of creamy butterscotch with a hint of toffee apple, candied orange, vanilla custard and newly felled oak smell with a deliciously honeyed, wood spices and citrus, balanced with raisins and caramel


10 yr 92 proof

Aroma of brine, seaweed, light peat gingerbread, grapefruit zest on the nose, with sweet and appropriately smokey, salt, pepper, celery salt, nougat, moderately oily mouthfeel. A smokey finish lingers long and reveals spice notes, black pepper, clove.


green tea

jameson • peach schnapps • sprite • sour

lemon drop

deep eddy lemon vodka • lemon• sugar rim

washington apple

crown royal • apple pucker • cranberry

cinnamon toast crunch

fireball • chila orchata

baby guinness

patron xo • baileys



bombay london dry • hendrick’s • tanqueray


baileys • grand marnier • pratron xo cafe • chila orchata • st. germain


1800 silver • patron silver


absolut • absolut citron • absolut vanilia • deep eddy peach • deep eddy lemon • grey goose • ketel one • tito's


bacardi • captain morgan spiced